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Wedding Ring Guide

Wedding Ring Buying Guide

There is a very strong and rich implication that revolves around wedding rings. A ring is a circle, which represents “forever”, and its endlessness stands as a perfect metaphor of unity and oneness. A wedding ring is an emblem of everlasting love and devotion, something you would be wearing all your life. With it comes such messages as “I love you”, “You are mine”, “I wish to be with you forever”. The tradition of the wedding ring has existed since time immemorial, epitomizing eternal love in countless religions and cultures. So when it comes to buying a wedding ring, one needs to keep in mind that it has to be really perfect.

Following is a step by step guide to buying a wedding ring:

  • Keep your Lifestyle in Mind: Since the wedding ring will be a part of your everyday life, comfort is the most important factor that needs to be kept in mind while buying one. There is no point in buying a wedding ring which is uncomfortable and needs to be removed time and again. This increases the chance of losing it too. If you lead a super active lifestyle, go for a wedding ring which is simple, of solid, durable metal, sans the gemstone and without much carvings. A wedding ring should effortlessly become a part of your daily routine and not pose as a hindrance to your daily activities.
  • Set a Budget: Establish a budget, which is within your comfort level. Different wedding ring styles will carry different prices. So make sure, your budget is set after a careful scrutiny of the types of wedding rings available and of their price tag. Do not decide your budget based on the saying of a particular culture. Spend as much as is feasible for you.
  • Choose the Metal: The metal choice is perhaps the most important choice you will make when it comes to a wedding ring. Wedding rings can be availed in different metals the like of which includes gold, silver, platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, titanium etc. Though white or yellow gold are traditional choice in metals, platinum and titanium have also become an increasingly popular choice.
    Considering the fact that you would be wearing your wedding ring along with your engagement ring, knowing which metal type would best complement the engagement ring can narrow down your search. For example; nothing can best harmonize a classic solitaire platinum engagement ring than a diamond paved platinum wedding band. If, however, the wedding ring is to be worn alone, an intricate style can be thought of.
  • Choose a Ring Style/Shape: Wedding rings are today available in different styles and shapes. The preference varies from person to person and also on the type of lifestyle they lead. Some of the timeless and classic styles in wedding rings are the shared prong diamond rings, paved diamond rings, channel set diamond rings, eternity bands, sapphire wedding rings, three-stone diamond ring, etc. Apart from this, wedding rings also come in different shapes so that it can well balance the shape of your engagement ring and comfortably sits next to it. The three main shapes in wedding rings are; D shaped, Court Shaped and Custom Shaped. Make sure that the style and shape you choose is something that you will want to wear forever.
  • Choose a Ring Width: The width of your wedding band is also an important consideration. If the wedding ring is to be worn alone, a width in 5mm is ideal, however, if it is to be paired, a width in the range of 3mm to 4mm is regarded best. This, however, is a mere recommendation and the decision is bound to vary from person to person.
  • Choose a Ring Weight: A wedding ring may be a simple band, but it comes in a number of weights. The wedding ring for men is usually heavier than the wedding ring for women. Women prefer to wear a wedding ring that is thin and light. The weights are usually identified as Heavy Weight, Light Weight and Extra Heavy Weight.
  • Do you wish to have a message engraved?: Wedding rings are precious in every sense but you can consider making it more precious in a unique way by engraving it. You can have your wedding rings engraved with your names, wedding date or a small 1-3 liner messages of your choice. The engraving can be done in metals of all types and in beautiful classic font of your choice.

Though the tradition of the wedding ring is old, the style has evolved and undergone some sea change. Instead of the simple metal band of gold or silver, today there are wedding rings of unique designs. Moreover, women now generally prefer a wedding ring that complements their engagement ring.

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